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9 Smoking Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed!

By Vanessa Matthews

If you consume cannabis, you likely have your tried-and-true set of items that you rely on. But if you haven't branched out in a while, you may be missing out of some awesome gadgets that could improve the way you smoke! Everything from multitasking, to travel-friendly, to just plain useful, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite smoking accessories you didn’t know you needed!



blue cookies utility jar w/ grinder

When it comes to multitasking, the Cookies 4-in-1 Utility Jar may just be the king of this list! I mean, its 4-in-1 functionality speaks for itself, but we’ll go over all the details. The main portion of this item is a thick plastic jar, which has the capacity for an eighth to a quarter of cannabis. The lid itself has two awesome features: A magnifying lens, and a bright light. These allow you to view your bud with the closest eye possible, revealing details of the plant not evident with the naked eye. If that’s not awesome enough, the plastic sleeve that surrounds the jar has a couple uses in itself. The base is not just a base - it’s a built-in grinder! Large blade teeth grind herb down quickly and efficiently, and the pure convenience of having a grinder be one with your jar is perfect for anyone who consumes on-the-go. Lastly, tucked underneath is a hidden one-hitter. This miniature metal pipe can fit a small amount of bud for whenever you need a hit or two. So, there you have it: A magnifying, light-up jar with a grinder and one-hitter pipe all in one!



pink princess peach rolling tray w/ magnetic cover

Magnetic cover rolling trays are a practical addition to any smoker's stash! Available in tons of designs for different tastes, the tray itself is the same as your everyday metal rolling tray. But with these, the real kicker is the magnetic cover. These aren’t for appearances, but rather for keeping your rolling supplies neat and contained at all times! The flexible magnetic top aligns perfectly with the raised ends of the tray, creating a seal. This is super helpful after you’re done rolling up, because you can leave items such as weed, wraps, and tips inside before storing it away. It’s a real time-saver!



blue lookah seahorse pro vape pen

The Seahorse Pro by Lookah has gained tons of popularity as of late, for very good reason! This affordable and innovative device can be used for all types of concentrate consumption. It's compatible with 510-thread cartridges to be used as a cartridge vape, and it’s also an electronic nectar collector! It includes a quartz tip that heats up quickly, allowing you to use it as you would a traditional nectar collector. Depending on your preference, you can use Quartz coils or Ceramic coils. You can even hook it up to your bong for a refreshing hit of filtration! Connect the Seahorse Pro to a water pipe using the included silicone hose. You can use either a cartridge or nectar collector tip attachment to enjoy the benefits of filtration and cooling. If you dab or vape, you do not want to skip out on this!



lighter leash premium clip

Simple, yet genius, the Lighter Leash Clip is exactly how it sounds. It’s a leash for your lighter. If you smoke with others, you can probably imagine why this could be so useful! Lighters infamously go missing without a trace, and this cheap gadget is an easy fix for this issue. How it works is simple: Your lighter is held securely in a flexible plastic sleeve, and is connected to a clip by a long retractable cord that reaches up to a whopping 30 inches! Clip the Lighter Leash to your lanyard, belt loop, purse, or wherever is handiest for your lifestyle. Now, you can lend your lighters to friends without the worry you’re going to have to go out and buy a new one tomorrow.



green glycerin coil glass nectar collector  cheech glass black glycerin sparkle spoon pipe

Whether you dab or smoke flower, portable pipe options can be pretty harsh on the lungs. Without a water filtration barrier, smoke hits the throat directly, causing unwanted discomfort at times. With a glycerin-infused glass piece, you can get the best of both worlds in terms of portable size and cool hits! Glycerin is a thick liquid that reaches lower temperatures than water without freezing solid, making it the perfect addition to pipes if you want a cool kick. Before smoking, all you have to do is leave the pipe in the freezer for at least an hour to cool it down. Whether it’s a glycerin spoon pipe for herb or a glycerin coil nectar collector for dabbing, you’ll be surprised with the difference cold glycerin makes for your hits!



the classic power hitter

The Power Hitter is a unique classic that is recently having its well-deserved comeback! If you find yourself smoking in groups, this sure is a fun one to whip out. Essentially, the Power Hitter is a bottle that captures the smoke of joints, keeps it contained, and allows you to squeeze it out of the nozzle as desired. This means completely contactless smoking! No more puffing off on wet-lipped joints. Whether you smoke at parties, or you regularly roll up with friends, the Power Hitter is a welcome addition to any social smoker’s collection.



blue silicone ashtray w/ storage compartments

The Stasher Tool Holder Ashtray is an awesome tool to have on hand, especially if you dabble in both flower and dabs. This ashtray is made from super sturdy silicone, and has a pyramid-shaped snuffer in the center. It's especially handy for knocking the ash out of bowls! In addition to that, this tray is equipped with 8 multi-sized storage compartments. These are incredibly useful for storing small items like vape batteries, cartridges, dab tools, rolling papers, and more. Think of it as your little smoking hub you can always come to for supplies.



green glass dabber bubble carb cap combo

This hybrid dabber and carb cap is simple, but pretty dang genius. Two necessary components for dabbing with a rig are a dabber and carb cap, so why not combine them? The one pictured above consists of a thick glass stem with ridges for improved grip, and a pointed end to collect wax. On top, it has a colorful bubble carb cap that can be utilized to create a seal on the dab nail to lock in heat and optimize vaporization. Drop your concentrate into a heated nail with the dabber end, flip it over, and swirl it on the nail as you inhale. Easy as that. 



green ooze ez pipe & lighter holder

The Ooze EZ Pipe is the travelling stoner’s best-friend, because it’s a pipe that’s hardly larger than a lighter. Basically, this nifty little tool is a lighter sleeve made from hard plastic that's equipped with a built-in pipe. Its multitasking abilities are so impressive due to how small it really is! A lighter is held in securely in the sleeve, and the top metallic portion on top swivels open to reveal the hidden bowl! To get the pipe into action, simply flip up the hidden mouthpiece that's tucked into the plastic. From there, just pack in some ground herb, slip out your lighter, and you've got yourself one of the easiest and most discrete on-the-go smoking methods. The bowl portion is connected by a strong magnet, making it detachable and easy to clean.


Are any of these products new to you? Have you discovered a new must-have to improve your smoking routine? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!

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