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Low-Temp Dabs: A Quick Guide

By Amanda Cubine


Dabbing is the most effective way to consume THC, but are you getting the best results with your smoking technique? Low-temp dabbing is an excellent way to make sure you're getting the full favor of your hits, while reducing your risk of inhaling harmful chemicals, and it's easier than you may think!



Overview of Low-Temp Dabbing


If you haven't heard yet, low temp-dabbing is the latest word in quality dab technique. When taking a hit, the heat of the nail can cause the dab to lose some of its terpenes, which give each strain of concentrates their unique flavor. It can also produce harmful chemicals that low temp dabs avoid. If you’ve got your hands on a particularly tasty concentrate, or if you just like to enjoy the flavor of your dabs, you’re not going to get much out of high-temp dabbing. When the nail is too hot, the terpenes are burned off quickly, causing the dab to lose its flavor. Aside from being tastier, low-temp dabs produce a smoother hit and go much easier on the lungs than higher-temped hits, while greatly reducing the risk of producing harmful carcinogens, which may increase your risk of cancer. While low-temp dabs aren’t as strong and intense, the effects are longer-lasting. If you prefer a milder high to ride-out over a longer period of time, it’s time to try a new way of dabbing.


What You Need and How to Use It


To get started with low-temp dabbing, you’re going to need a few tools. But have no fear, it’s not much more than you already use for regular dabs. The bare necessities are your usual dabbing tools: A rig, nail, and torch. Carb caps and Q-tips are both optional, but strongly recommended to get the best hit possible while conserving product. If you don't already own a carb cap, we have a great selection of them available here.


Getting your nail heated to the perfect temperature can be difficult, and will probably take some trial-and-error. For the most efficient dab, you want your nail heated to between 315-400°. This gets your nail hot enough to conserve your flavorful terpenes, without burning the dab and releasing carcinogens. It’s generally not recommended that you not heat your nail to red-hot as it puts a strain on the nail and wears it out faster. That being said, if you’re struggling to find the low-temperature sweet spot, you can try heating it to red and waiting 15-30 seconds for the nail to cool down before taking your dab. Using a carb cap makes this process even better, conserving your vapors while helping the nail maintain its temp while you dab. To further maximize the flavor of your concentrates, enter: Q-Tips. After you take your dab, while the nail is still hot, swipe a cotton swab around the inside of the nail to get rid of the excess residue and leave yourself a clean palette for your next dab. 


Take Your Time


Keep in mind that you’re probably not going to get a perfect low-temp dab the first time. It’s going to take some trial and error, but once you perfect your process you’re in for a smooth ride, with more relaxed highs and less strain on your body. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to dab temperature, but while you may find low-temp dabbing just isn't for you, you owe it to yourself to give it a try!



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11/5/2019 11:42 PM
Awesome article! Definitely will be trying this 🙃
11/6/2019 2:40 PM
Thanks, It is good to know!! 🤗