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Alien Ape Sparker – 4" Silicone Spoon Pipe

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• Silicone Pipe w/ Built-In Sparker
• Removable Screened Glass Bowl
• Front Carb Hole
• Length: 4”
• Includes: Refillable Lighter Tank, Drawstring Pouch, Permanent Match, & Hemp Wick
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When you're on the go, less is always more! This silicone spoon pipe has everything you need to spark up... and I mean everything!

Constructed from sturdy silicone, this pipe is as durable as they come. The Sparker features a removable glass screen bowl, so instead of a large draft hole where herb can easily pass through with your smoke, multiple small holes prevent excess dirtying. And don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a simple pipe! There's a silicone connection that uniquely contains a striking surface powered by a built-in lighter tank! Neat, right? With the included permanent match, you’re equipped with an effortless all-in-one device to create a flame, light up the included hemp wick, and get to smoking without an external lighter or match. Hemp wick can easily be wrapped around the connection of the pipe and striking attachment, and a drawstring pouch in included to keep everything contain. After your try the one-of-a-kind Sparker from Alien Ape, you'll never look back.

Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use the Sparker.

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