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All About Vapes

How Vapes Work

By Vanessa Matthews 


When you’re looking for ease, portability, discretion, and functionality, the easy choice for most is vaping! We are excited to roll out a selection of cannabis vaporizers for the first time ever. Vapes are a stylish, portable, and easy way to enjoy concentrates on-the-go, so their immense popularity with cannabis-lovers is no surprise. If you’re not very familiar with the world of vaping, we want to get you started with the basics.



Vaporizers are made up of parts: The main parts being the tank/cartridge, atomizer, and battery. The tank (if refillable) or the cartridge (if disposable) is the vessel that contains the vape’s cannabis oil. Single-use cartridges are pre-filled with either half gram or full gram amounts. The atomizer is the vape’s heating element that interacts with the tank, heating the oil into vapor to be inhaled. The battery is, of course, what provides the device with power. The battery is important, because it’s in charge of being powerful enough to quickly heat up to the high temperatures necessary for vaping.


Source: Leafly



Yup, not all vaporizers are made equal! Some vape batteries are compatible with cartridges: Cartridges (also known as carts) are pre-filled vessels with a half or full gram of cannabis oil. The most common type is 510-threaded carts. However, there are different variations that are compatible with specific types of vaporizers.

With others, rather than a cartridge, there are pens for vaporizing pure concentrates. The battery heats the pen’s atomizer, which heats the coils where concentrate is added, creating vapor.



Cartridge pens have quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. CO2 cartridges are named after the CO2 extraction process that produces the oil, and is one of the most common types of carts. Another type of cartridge contains distillate, which is a slightly more potent cannabis extract. Other contents in vape carts include different types of terpenes, cannabinoids, extracts, and added flavor compounds. Cartridges can contain either THC and CBD. To ensure you’re always getting a quality product and avoiding harmful contaminants and cutting agents, always purchase from a dispensary/reputable retailer.




• Portability & Discretion

There’s no denying that vapes are at the top of the list when it comes to portability, because most of the time, they’re no larger than a writing utensil! They can be easily slipped in the pocket, making them fantastic for travel, or simply for an effortless smoking experience at home. They are ideal if you need to be discreet, because the smell that comes with cannabis vapor is light, and quickly dissipates. Not only that, but they’re as easy as a press of a button and a quick pull, so you skip the trouble of lighting up!

• Ease of Use

Vaping requires minimal effort, making them the lazy person’s dream! Without the trouble of dealing with glass, water, bangers, bowls, and torches, a vaporizer checks all the boxes for anyone who wants hits on-the-go.

• Dose Control (Low or High)

Smoking herb and concentrates from water pipes can easily lead to dosing higher than intended, since it’s safe to say that when hitting a bong or dab rig, it can be hard to control how big that hit’s going to be! With cartridges, it’s easy to control the amount consumed, because a consistent amount of vapor is released. This feature makes it perfect for those who prefer to limit consumption. 

On the other side of the spectrum, if you prefer a stronger high, the gentler feeling on the lungs results in it being easier to take yourself to high places more quickly! In fact, a 2018 study from John Hopkins University found that the effects of cannabis are perceived as stronger in vaporized cannabis versus smoked cannabis. So, while it’s easy to limit the amount consumed, it’s also a quick and efficient way to get high. Needless to say, it’s perfect for almost every bud smoker, whether you’re a casual user or a heavy-hitter.




• Ooze

The Twist Slim Vape Pen by Ooze is perfect for veterans and newbies alike! Their pens’ sleek, colorful designs definitely stand out in the crowd of vaporizers. They’re equipped with adjustable temperature settings and an innovative preheat mode, and not to mention the Smart USB is rapid-charge. Ooze’s vape pens are ideal for their ultra-discreet size.


• Yocan

Yocan’s cutting-edge technology in the world of vaporizers never fails to impress. Every feature in their heavy-duty vaporizers offer a sense of ease and practicality to your vaping experience, and are perfect for people who love to vaporize pure concentrate. From built-in concentrate storage, to magnetic closures, and quartz rod coil technology, their vapes are a joy to use. Vape pens such as the Evolve Plus XL and the Armor have different characteristics that offer something for any user’s preference.




If you’ve been debating whether vaping is for you, here’s your sign. It’s inarguable that vaporizing is one of the hottest, most modern ways to consume cannabis, and for good reason! The portability of a vape pen is unlike any other smoking method, as well as its handy ability to be seriously discreet: Let’s face it, it’s hard to even be noticed with them, as vapor is lightly scented and quickly dissipating. If you’re someone who wants the ability to use cannabis while out-and-about without bringing attention upon yourself, why not give vaping a go? With the wide range of sizes, styles, and vaporizing methods, it's easy to find something that fits your personal style.


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7/29/2020 6:52 AM
I am noob to Vapes and this article was very helpful!  Thank you.
Say, what do you mean by "avoiding harmful contaminants" anyway?
8/5/2020 10:55 PM

Counterfeit vape cartridges, such as ones purchased from friends or dealers, can contain filler ingredients that have been known to cause respiratory and gastrointestinal complications, among other issues. Low-quality ingredients are commonly used in these fake cartridges, and are never recommended to consume. This is why it's important to purchase carts from authorized sellers!