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Arctic Royal – Staff Pick Stash Box

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This Stash Box Includes:
Lil' Phoenix – 7mm Soft Glass Bong
Gold Rush – Glass Spoon Pipe
Randy's – King Size Wired Rolling Papers
INEX Large Glass Jewel Filter Rolling Tip
King Palm Mini Blueberry Blunt Wraps
VOLT – Rechargeable Electronic Lighter


Bong Specs:
• Fixed Diffused Downstem Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• Height: 7.5”
• Thickness: 7mm

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Are you prepared to feel like Pure Royalty when you smoke? 

This sophisticated set of smoking gear features a beautiful, compact bong made with durable soda-lime glass. Seriously, the glass is so thick, you won’t believe the heaviness of a piece just over 7-inches-tall! The bong's downstem features a built-in glass screen to catch ash to preserve the cleanliness of your bong's water. That, paired with the diffusion slits create a royally-smooth hit each and every time. (Bonus: the glass orb and tendrils glow in the dark.)

If you want a quicker method of smoking with glass, the Gold Rush Spoon Pipe is a wonderfully regal way to enjoy a few quick hits. Roll up the perfect joint with Randy's King Size Papers, using the gorgeous INEX Jewel Filter Tip! King Palm Pre-Rolls provide yet another great way to enjoy your herb, and the golden Electronic Flameless Lighter is a sleek and innovative way to light up joints and blunts.

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