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Blog posts tagged with 'Product Spotlight'

Great Non-Branded Glass
Great Non-Branded Glass

It’s awesome to get a quality piece of glass from a brand you know and love, but every now and then, you come across some incredible non-branded pipes. We just got in a ton of dab rigs that will blow you away with their quality, without breaking the bank.

Hand-Painted Bongs are Here!

We’ve got a treat for those of you who love a good old-school bong with a twist! We just got in a batch of bongs that are super solid and feature hand-painted accents. These water pipes are real powerhouses, all featuring a removable, diffused downstem with six robust diffusion slits and open end for intense bubbling. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic beaker bong, but the hand-painted accents on these are really something special. Check out a few of our favorites!