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Cali Cloudx – 8" Disco Ball Percolator Bong

Brands: Cali Cloudx
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• Single Chamber
• Cone Perc
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 4mm
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This water pipe is compact yet powerful, and great whether you're experienced or new to water pipes. The sturdy glass, creative glasswork, and perfect size for daily smoking truly make this a knockout of a bong! Supported by a wide base, the chamber starts narrow at the bottom, housing a 10-slit cone perc. The large ball above the perc collects smoke before it's filtered through the perc, before making its way through the bent mouthpiece. The curved shape of the body is incredibly handy for keeping a firm grip while smoking!

Product Specifications
Weight14 oz
Glass Thickness4mm
Base Diameter3.5"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter0.5"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter1.3"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.8"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.9"
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