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Ceramic Bongs & Smoking Accessories

Ceramic bongs, pipes, and accessories have a unique and distinctive style. It's used to create pieces of all shapes, colors, and designs that can’t be replicated with glass! Rather than basic designs, many ceramic pipes take on the form of figurines, characters, and more.

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Panda-Monium – Ceramic Spoon Pipe

• Ceramic Hand Pipe for Dry Herb
• Left Carb Hole
• Length: 4.75”

The Hitman – Smokable Ceramic Gun Shot Pipe

• Ceramic Shot Glass w/ Built-In Pipe
• Center Carb Hole
• Height: 2.75"

Good Fortune – Decorative Ceramic Ashtrays

• Ceramic Ashtray
• Multiple Holding Divots
• Diameter: 3.25"-5"