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Cheech Glass – Glycerin Shimmer Spoon Pipe

Brands: Cheech Glass
SKU: 5558
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• Freezable Glycerin Glass Spoon Pipe
• Length: Approx 4”
• Weight: 4.6 oz
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Nothing can dull the shint on this freezable hand-pipe, not even hot smoke! A big downside of smoking with handpipes is that the smoke is still hot when you inhale it. That's where the glycerine comes in. All you have to do is freeze the pipe before use, and the glycerine will bring down the temperature of the whole pipe, giving your smoke a frosty alley to cool off in before you inhale. This design by Cheech glass is filled with glitter as well, providing endless entertainment when you shake it! Die-hard handpipe lovers and travelling tokers, this is the spoon pipe you've been missing out on.

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