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Cookies – 4-in-1 Utility Magnifying Stash Jar

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• Plastic Stash Jar w/ Magnifying Lens, LEDVV Light, Grinder & One-Hitter
• Height: 5"
• Diameter: 2.5"
• Includes USB Charger
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The Cookies 4-in-1 Utility Jar is guaranteed to be the most impressive multitasker in your collection. This useful tool is a light-up stash jar, magnifying lens, grinder, and one-hitter pipe all in one! It’s hard to imagine how that would work, but it totally does, and it's awesome.

The stash jar itself is made from a thick, durable plastic, and easily slides in and out of the plastic body/sleeve. Just like the Cookies Mag Jar, there's a bright light and magnifying lens on the lid for you to admire your stash in detail! When you’re ready to smoke, pop the bottom off to reveal a magnetic grinder. For a quick way to light up on-the-go, grab the metal one-hitter that’s stashed in the base. This Utility Jar is truly all you need to smoke – just throw it in your bag with a lighter and go!

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