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Cookies – 5-Piece Smoking Stash Box

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This Stash Box Includes:
• 7.25" Metal Rolling Tray
• 4" Metal Hand Pipe
• 1.5" Metal 3-Chamber Grinder
• 1.75" Metal Stash Jar
• 3" Thick Glass Ashtray
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This matching smoking kit features 5 items including a rolling tray, ash tray, stash jar, grinder, and metal hand pipe. The oval-shaped rolling tray is narrow and portable, while still providing enough space to roll up, with tall edges. The stash jar keeps your herb nice and fresh, thanks to the airtight screw-top and solid material that doesn't allow UV rays to deteriorate the quality of your bud.

The portable grinder is made with sturdy zinc allow metal, with three chambers. The ash tray is made of thick and durable glass, and the unbreakable metal hand pipe is ultra-portable, featuring a screened bowl. Each piece is decorated in a matching earth-themed Cookies pattern.

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