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Dab Nails

We offer a variety of banger nails (also known as dab nails) for your dab rig to suit your tastes and budget. From single pieces to dab nail sets, we've got something for all of your dabbing needs.

Check out our Carb Cap and Dab Tool categories to complete your dab setup!

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Slanted Quartz Banger Nail - 4mm

• Domeless Banger Nail
• 90° 4mm Thick Quartz
• Joint Style: Smooth

Fancy Frosted Banger Nail – 14mm Male

• Barrel-Style Quartz Dab Nail
• 14mm Male Joint
• Joint Style: Smooth
Minor imperfections on pattern may be present.

Lookah Q7 Mini – Dab Rig E-Nail Banger

• Mini Electronic Dab Nail
• Battery: 950mAh
• Temperature Range: 350°F-450°F
• Joint: 14mm & 18mm Male
• Quartz Coil/Heating Chamber
• Type-C Charging Port (Charging cord not included)
• 18mm Silicone Adapter
• Extra 710 Square Quartz Coil

Cali Cloudx – 14mm Terp Slurper Banger & Marble Set

• Terp Slurper Nail & Marbles Set
• Joint Type: 14mm Male
• Joint Style: Smooth
• Terp Slurper Quartz Banger
• 3 Mixed-Size Marbles/Pearls

Cheech Glass – 4mm Quartz Dab Nail

• 4mm Quartz Dab Nail
• Joint Style: Smooth
• Cheech Glass Logo

Slanted Quartz Dab Nail - 2mm

• 2mm Quartz
• Domeless Banger Nail
• Joint Style: Smooth

Double-Wall Thermal Quartz Dab Nail

• 2mm Borosilicate Glass
• Domeless Banger Nail
• Joint Style: Smooth

45° Slanted Quartz Dab Nail - 4mm

• 45° 4mm Quartz
• Slanted Domeless Banger Nail
• Joint Style: Smooth

Cappucino – Quartz Dab Nail With Carb Cap

• 2mm Quartz Dab Nail Set
• Includes Banger Nail & Carb Cap
• Joint Style: Rough
Carb cap color accent is random.