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Diamond Glass – Complete Tree Dab Rig Kit

Brands: Diamond Glass
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This Dab Kit Includes:
Diamond Glass – Queen Consort Dab Rig
4 fl oz Formula 710 Instant Cleaner
• Glass Bubble Carb Cap Dabber
• Techno Refillable Butane Torch
• Silicone Wax Container


Dab Rig Specs:
• Tree Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• Height: 9”
• Thickness: 3mm

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Diamond Glass pieces are the pinnacle of great quality on a modest budget. The Queen Consort is a fan-favorite on our site, making it the perfect foundation for a well-rounded dabbing kit.

Available in matching blue, green, and black sets, these include truly everything you'll need for a well-functioning dabbing setup. The dab rig is equipped with a powerful tree percolator for efficient cooling of dabs, all wrapped up in a simple and sophisticated design. Heat the 4mm quartz nail with a powerful cylindrical torch, which features easy slide-up ignition, a flame lock, and butane refill port. Store plenty of wax in the 1.5-inch silicone container, and the multipurpose dabber and bubble carb cap is not only efficient, it's totally stylish! Whenever your rig needs a good wash, Formula 710 Instant Cleaner does the job... instantly!

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