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Diffused Downstem Perc, Six-Piece Silicone Bong

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• Single Chamber • Glows-in-the-Dark • 18mm Female Silicone Joint • Silicone & Glass Downstems • 14mm Male Bowl Piece • 6 Pieces Included • Height: 14.5” See More Silicone Bongs
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The strength of a silicone bong is in its versatility, and none are moreso than this complete package. With two downstems, a glass bowl piece, metal tray for the silicone stem, and detachable neck for easy cleaning, this bong is the most versatile water pipe around.

The airflow passes through the diffused downstem into the bong, where it bubbles up and travels past the ice pinch up the neck, to the mouthpiece.

This water pipe is made from colored silicone.

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