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Gili Glass – 10" Spinning Tornado Dragon Bong w/ Handle

Brands: Gili Glass
SKU: 682862231743
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• Single Chamber
• Tornado/Turbine Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 5mm
Availability: Out of stock

This bong has a unique artistry you'd be hard-pressed to find in many glass pieces on the market. Centering around a cylindrical chamber, the skillfully-crafted dragon design is stunning and eye-catching. It has stable support from the feet, and the dragon's head is filled with gorgeous detail. The bowl piece has spikes matching the rest of the design, which are also functional for improve grip. There is a thick glass handle on the back, allowing a firm grip on the bong while in use or while transporting it. This bong has a heavy feel to it, weighing in just over 2 pounds.

Inside the chamber, there is a turbine percolator near the base, and a spinning DNA-strand figure sitting right above. When you take a hit, water and smoke create a tornado effect within the chamber, causing the DNA figure to spin along with it. This is a beautifully-crafted art piece, a fantastically functional smoking device, and a true conversation-starter!

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