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Gili Glass – Slime Green Recycler Straight Tube Bong

Brands: Gili Glass
SKU: 682862231815
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• Double Chamber
• Showerhead Perc, Recycler, Ice Pinch
• 14mm Female Joint
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 13”
• Thickness: 5mm
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The Slime Green Recycler Bong by Gili Glass is truly innovative, combining a recycler system with a handheld straight tube-style piece. Is has a very narrow tube bong, with a round lower chamber which houses a large showerhead percolator. There are two external recycler tubes – the bottom one pulling water into the lower portion of the top chamber, and the top tube pulling smoke to the upper portion of the top chamber. Smoke is filtered through the showerhead, while receiving some extra water contact thanks to the recycling function. An ice catch provides about 7 inches of height in the neck to pack in small ice cubes (internal tube diameter is approximately 0.9"). This bong has a beautifully intricate design, and the bottom recycling tube can even be utilized as a grip when smoking.

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