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Glass Rolling Tip by RAW x Roor

Brands: RAW
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• Rolling Tip
• Flat or Round Mouthpiece
• Material: Borosilicate Glass
• Size: 1.35”
• Weight: .075 oz
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As any frequent smoker knows, rolling up a joint can be a little irritating at times. Well, here’s something to make that a little easier: a glass rolling tip brought to you by a collaboration between RAW and Roor. These tips are ideal for everything, from single wides to blunts. The flat mouthpiece version features two pinches that act as filters to keep plant material out of your mouth. On the round mouthpiece version, the end is closed with a cross cutout for a filter. No more fiddling with bits of cardboard or hunting for appropriate scraps of paper to make crutches/filters out of! With a rolling tip in your pocket, you’re prepared to roll anywhere and any time. Comes in a small plastic canister for easy storage and transport.