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Good Old Days – Classic Stash Box

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This Stash Box Includes:
• Wooden Stash Box by NeverXhale (6.25” x 4.25” x 3.5”)
• 5” Bubbler Pipe
• 3.5" Bullet One Hitter Pipe
• 2” Wood Swivel One Hitter Pipe
• Portable Keychain Ashtray
• Mini 3-Chamber Grinder
• Lighter
• Black Ice Tree Air Freshener
RAW Pre-Rolled Tips

Zig-Zag Kutcorners Rolling Papers
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This kit of classic smoking accessories is sure to make the nostalgia kick in! The sturdy latched wooden box holds everything, keeping all of your supplies safe and secure. This kit allows you to smoke with multiple methods, including a 5” bubbler; a simple handheld bong to use when you want cool, smooth hits from water filtration. Two hand pipe options come in this set, including a bullet-style metal one-hitter, and a small wooden slide-out one-hitter with a screened bowl. Both of these old-fashioned pipes are fantastic for on-the-go!  

If you’re in the mood for rolling up, the Zig-Zag Rolling Papers and RAW Pre-Rolled Tips are there for you to craft the perfect joint. Grind up your herb with the mini grinder, light up with the click lighter, and freshen up your space with the Black Ice air freshener! We’ve even thrown in a keychain ashtray that pops open with a push of a button, allowing you to ash your jays or dump out bowls no matter where you are. This is a great affordable kit that any OG smoker would love!


Over $60 Retail-value set!

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