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Illuminati GlassHeadquartered just east of New York City, Illuminati Glass focuses on highly functional scientific glass made from German Schott borosilicate tubing, along with American color rods. Illuminati Glass takes the name of their distinct brand of imaginative pieces from one of the most misunderstood groups in American culture: the mysterious Illuminati. This name adds a sense of mystery to an already mystical brand. Illuminati Glass undoubtably stands out in the world of bongs and dab rigs. Their creations are as eye-catching as they are functional, as their items blur the lines between “bongs” and “modern art.” From intricate percolator systems, to gorgeous frosted etching, Illuminati Glass constantly finds new ways to add innovative style to smoking products.

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Illuminati Glass – 16" Mega Matrix Beaker Bong

• Double Chamber
• Matrix Perc; Ice Pinch
• 18mm Female Joint
• 18mm/14mm Diffused Downstem
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 5mm
$99.99 $114.99