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Illuminati Glass – Old Money Fab Egg Dab Rig

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• Single Chamber • Showerhead Perc, Swiss Perc • 14mm Female Joint • 14mm Male Banger Nail • Fumed Borosilicate Glass • Height: 9” • Thickness: 4mm
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Luxurious, rare, elegant... these are the things the Old Money Faberge Egg by Illuminati Glass has in common with the original Faberge Eggs. The biggest difference has to be in price: All the better! Aside from just being expensive, another staple of the original Faberge Eggs of the late 19th to early 20th century is the small gift or design inside. Illuminati glass has included its own little surprise, concealing a showerhead perc behind the swiss pers in the first chamber. Swiss percs work best when paired with another form of percolation, and with this dab rig you have both water and smoke filtration. The glass possesses a gorgeous golden haze from the fuming process, which is accented beautifully by a gold Illuminati Glass logo! It's an attractive finishing touch on the neck of this piece, making it truly look the part of old money.

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