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Inked Up Silicone Bong

Brands: Non-Branded
SKU: 1082-INK
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• Single Chamber; Silicone Diffused Downstem Perc
• 18mm Female Joint, Silicone on Silicone
• 18mm/14mm Silicone Diffused Downstem
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece for Dry Herb
• Material: Silicone
• Height: 8”
• Weight: 10 oz
• Silicone Thickness: 3mm
• Base Diameter: 3.75”
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Tattoos are a big commitment... so why not take this tattoo-inspired bong for a spin? Not only does this piece sport a stylish design, it's also fully-constructed from durable silicone that's fit for even the clumsiest of smokers. The base suctions for extra stability, and the top of the chamber pops off so you can reach right inside, making cleaning a breeze. For ultra-smooth hits, Inked Up features a silicone diffused downstem perc to effortlessly filter out impurities and excess heat in your smoke.

Product Specifications
Weight10 oz
Base Diameter3.75"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter0.5"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter1.4"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth18mm, 0.9"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.9"
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