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Knuckle Grip – 5.5" Glass Bubbler Pipe

Brands: Non-Branded
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• Glass Bubbler Pipe for Joints
• Length: 5.5”
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Get a grip on this unique knuckle-design bubbler pipe! The glass is fully-clear, and has four holes for your fingers to insert in while grasping the chamber. This piece can be used with or without water, both options producing smooth hits. To use as a bubbler, simply add a small amount of water into the chamber, and keep the piece upright while smoking.

On top of that, the small bowl can be used for ground herb, joints, or blunts! It has enough room for a quick bowl, but is small enough to insert a roll for a smooth take on your usual joint. The design makes this piece easier to keep intact, as the grips reduce the likelihood of accidental drops.

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