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Lookah Dragon Egg – Portable Electric Dab Rig

Brands: Lookah Glass
SKU: 6973199598518
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• Single Chamber
• Rib Perc
• Voltage Settings: 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V
• Height: 6.25" (4.75" Without Mouthpiece)
• Type-C Charging Port (Charger Not Included)
• Lookah Dragon Egg Device
• 2 C-Style Quartz Atomizer Coils
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Dragon Egg Portable Electric Dab Rig is truly a next-level water-filtered vaping device. The capsule-chamber chamber combined with a stylish rib-style percolator and straw-shaped mouthpiece create a design that is like no other. The upper half of the device houses the battery and atomizing chamber, while the bottom half consists of the water chamber. Each piece disconnects and reconnects easily, allowing you to add water to the chamber, and clean as needed.

This e-rig has three pre-set temperature settings: 3.2V (Green light), 3.6V (Blue light), and 4.0V (White light). Lower temperatures are best for extracting maximum flavor from concentrates, while higher temperature settings are ideal for pulling big, dense clouds. The built-in LED display screen indicates voltage/heat modes and battery life, while haptic feedback and a simple one-button design makes this device very user-friendly.

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