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Lookah Mini Unicorn – Handheld Electric Dab Rig

Brands: Lookah Glass
SKU: 6973199595821
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• Handheld Electric Dab Rig
• Single Chamber
• Cone Perc
• Integrated 950mAh Battery
• Voltage Settings: 3.5V, 3.7V, 3.9V
• Height: 6.25"
• Mouthpiece Tip Stopper
• 2 Quartz 710 Coils
• Mouthpiece Splash Guard
• Cleaning Brush
Type-C charger not included.
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The Lookah Unicorn has been shrunken to less than half the size, to create the most portable e-rig on the market! This innovative device utilizes a quartz coil with a simple 1-button function, removing the torch from the dabbing process. It streamlines the dabbing experience, with the added benefit of great portability that allows you to bring it just about anywhere.

The Mini Unicorn E-Rig has three heat/voltage settings: 3.5V (Green light), 3.7V (Blue light), and 3.9V (White light). Lower temperatures extract maximum flavor from concentrates, while higher temperatures deliver big cloud payoff. Using it is easy, too! Simply load up the flat porous quartz coil with your favorite wax, pop the magnetic mouthpiece attachment back on, and fire it up to your preferred pre-set temp. The cone-shaped percolator has two diffusion holes to provide dabs with the perfect amount of smoothness, without filtering out any of the potency. The rubber mouthpiece stopper is comfortable to inhale from, and acts as a splash guard to prevent water from shooting up. This kit includes the Mini Unicorn, two 710 Quartz Coils, and a mini cleaning brush.

You may purchase replacement coils here.

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