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Lookah Seahorse Pro – Limited Edition 3pc Pack

Brands: Lookah Glass
SKU: 14958-CP
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• Multitasking Vaporizer Pen/Nectar Collector
• 3-Pack
• Lookah 650mAh Battery
• Quartz Coil
• Adjustable Voltage (3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V)
• 14mm/18mm Water Pipe Adapter Hose
• USB Charger
• Cleaning Brush
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If you know anything about portable dabbing and vaping, you'll know the Lookah Seahorse Pro delivers top-notch functionality and convenience. It functions as a classic 510-thread cartridge vaporizer, as well as a handy electronic nectar collector. They include one quartz tip each, which heat up quickly and deliver clean-tasting, potent hits from concentrates. The Seahorse Pro allows to you take dabs anytime, anywhere, as it simplifies the process and removes the need for a torch! There are three temperature settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience to your preference.

This 3-piece combination set includes three popular Limited Edition designs: Rainbow, Tie-Dye, and Camo. Each device includes a small cleaning brush, and a silicone hose and adapter to use with bongs and water pipes!

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