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Lookah Swordfish & Mini Unicorn – Coils A, B & C

Brands: Lookah Glass
SKU: 6973199595456
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• Coils for Lookah Swordfish, Mini Unicorn & Seahorse X
• 5 Pack
• Material: Quartz
• 710-Connection
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These coil 5-packs are compatible with the Lookah Swordfish, Mini Unicorn, and Seahorse X vaporizer products. Each have a 710 connection and are made of quartz for clean-tasting hits. Type A is flat porous quartz, which facilitates in 360 airflow for dense clouds. Type B, on the other hand is porous quartz with two holes in the center that aid in faster heating. Type C features porous quartz as well, in a smaller square shape that is best for conserving concentrates.

*To ensure the longevity of the coils, make sure to burn all wax off after each use. If you allow wax to build up on the quartz, it can harden and potentially prematurely wear out the coil.