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15 Dec 2021
New to Smoking Outlet: Mystery Accessories!
For the small price of $1.99 or $3.99, you can now add a mystery item to your order. If you’re feeling lucky the next time you shop with us, select the Standard or Upgraded Mystery Accessory option underneath the product list at checkout!
11 Dec 2021
Now included with every order shipment, get a chance to win one of 3 monthly prizes! When you receive your order, hold onto the raffle ticket inside. At the end of the month, the 3 winning numbers will be announced.
24 Jun 2021
New Launch: Tsunami Glass Bongs & Dab Rigs!
We’re coming in hot with our second release of Tsunami Glass bongs and dab rigs! These pieces are crafted in American from premium-quality glass. Each piece has its own unique aesthetic, and the filtration power brought in by intricate percolators and recyclers truly can’t be beat.
16 Mar 2021
New Checkout Feature: Age Checker
To increase confirmation that all customers are of legal age, we have now implemented Age Checker. Customers will be prompted to provide their date of birth at checkout.
15 Mar 2021
Now Launching: Tsunami Glass & Arcatek Water Pipes!
We're excited to announce that we're now carrying a large line of Tsunami Glass and Arcatek bongs. Check out our selection for a new premium-quality water pipe!
13 Mar 2021
New: BEST SELLERS Category!
Whether it be a new items that's flying off the shelves, or a tried-and-true consistent favorite, these are items to keep your eye on.
24 Feb 2021
New Website Features: Product Reviews & More
We have now enabled product reviews, integration, new "Verifying" order status, and "Hot Selling Item" ribbons.
17 Dec 2020
Now Offering Shipping Protection
All orders now automatically include a $1.50 optional Shipping Protection fee, which you can opt out of before placing the order.
16 Dec 2020
Bongo Bucks!
We've added features and fixed more bugs... You made suggestions and we are listening - see what's changed!
18 Nov 2020
New Updates
See the awesome updates we've made to improve user experience!