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Octave – Hands Free Terp Timer

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• Wireless Desktop Thermal Sensor for Dab Nails
• Battery: 1000mAh
• Magnetic Embossed Base
• USB Charger
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The Terp Timer by Octave is a wireless desktop thermal sensor allows you to control the exact temperature of your banger nail for the perfect dab. Temperature plays a huge role in the quality of dabs, and everyone has their own preference. The Terp Timer will help you dial into your preferences even better, while providing consistency to your dabbing experience!

The device itself is sturdy and weighted, and has a sleek octogonal design that looks great on display. It has a 4-button design with a screen to display battery life, temperature, and alarm settings. Above the screen is a temperature sensor and laser: The sensor reads heat, while the laser beams up to aid in positioning the nail properly. Easily set your desired temperature with the up and down buttons, set the alarm, and this will cause the alarm to sound once the sensor has detected the set temperature has been reached.

To learn how to use the Octave Terp timer, check out this helpful tutorial!

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