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The Powerhitter Co. – Classic 2021 Power Hitter

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• Material: Plastic
• Contact-Free Smoke Seshes
• No More Wet-Lipping!
• Captures 100% of Smoke
• Height: 7”
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The OG PowerHitter from The PowerHitter Co. is a tried-and-true stoner classic dated all the way back to the 1970's. Basically, it's a wide bottle that holds a joint, providing a fun and contact-free smoking method. Using it is simple: Securely insert a lit joint into the hole inside of the cap, screw shut, cover the carb hole, and squeeze to release the smoke!

This 2021 edition of the unique device has a few benefits that make it oh-so-special. Contact-free smoking eliminates the spread of germs, which is a welcome feature in these crazy times. Additionally, the PowerHitter captures 100% of smoke without wasting a bit, and prevents ash from falling from your J, and generally keeps all of the mess of smoking contained. Easy-peasy.

Check out their Youtube video to get a better look at what the PowerHitter can do!

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