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Prisma-Spinner – 4-Piece Herb Grinder

Brands: Non-Branded
SKU: 2343 - PS
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• Grinder for Dry Herb
• 4 Piece, 3 Chamber Design
• Zinc Alloy
• Curved Blade Teeth
• Diameter: 2.25"
• Includes Kief Scraper
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Want more from your grinder? The Prisma-Spinner surpasses simple grinder function by being totally decked-out in colorful hues, and featuring a fun spinning wheel on the lid. This grinder has a 4-piece/3-chamber design: A grinding chamber, ground herb chamber, and kief chamber. It includes a plastic scraper for collecting the potent kief that sifts off from your bud. This is a larger-bodied grinder, allowing you to grind lots of herb at once, and features a window in the herb chamber so you can see its contents before grinding up more.

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