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Quartz Terp Pearls & Spinner 14mm Dab Nail Set

Brands: Non-Branded
SKU: 5072
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• Barrel Dab Nail, Carb Cap & 2 Terp Pearls
• 14mm Male Joint
• Joint Style: Smooth
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This set includes a 14mm barrel-style banger nail, two terp pearls, and a turbine carb cap. Step up from your basic banger and carb cap, and get a set that will truly optimize your concentrates! The carb cap creates a swirl of airflow and vapor, moving the pearls along to effortlessly vaporize every last bit of wax. The banger's bowl is nice and large, leaving ample room to drop your wax right where you want it. Upgrade your dab rig, or turn your favorite 14mm-jointed bong into a dab rig!

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