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Ash Catchers & Reclaimers

Ash catchers (also known as precoolers) offer a crucial service for any smoker. An ash catcher is an attachment for your bong, which traps ash before it makes it into the pipe, as well as providing an extra filtration step.

Reclaimers (also known as reclaim catchers) are used to reclaim concentrate that drips down the tube of a dab nail in the dabbing process. Reclaimed wax can be dabbed, or consumed as an edible.

For more information on our ash catchers and reclaimers, check out our posts “Why You Need An Ashcatcher” and "The Reclaim Rundown."

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3" Silicone 14mm/18mm Reclaim Catcher

• Silicone Reclaim Catcher
• 14mm/18mm Male Joint Connection
• 14mm Female Nail Connection
• Height: 3”
Dab nail not included.

Pink Cooler –14mm 90° Showerhead Ash Catcher

• Single Chamber
• Showerhead Perc
• 14mm Male Connection
• Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 4.5”
• Thickness: 3.5mm
Bowl piece not included.