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Silicone Bongs & Accessories Guide





The scientific name for silicone is polysiloxane, which is a polymer. Silicone is a very versatile material, and applies to countless different uses such as sealants, cooking utensils, insulation, and much more! It’s now a very common material used to create a multitude of smoking tools. Silicone has several benefits, including durability and affordability. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basics on silicone bongs and other silicone accessories!





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Are silicone pipes safe? Yes! Silicone is completely safe to smoke from. In fact, Silicone is heat-resistant up to 600-degrees Fahrenheit. That's double the temperature of boiling water. Below this level of heat, your silicone pipe will not erode or emit toxins of any kind, posing no risk to you. If you're using a torch with a silicone dab rig, just be sure to not torch the silicone. All things considered, silicone has the green light when it comes to safety! Spark up and don't fret.





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Durability: This is the most obvious one! The main advantage silicone bongs have versus glass bongs is the promise of durability. You could literally toss a silicone piece against the wall and it would survive, a feature even the most durable glass couldn't boast. If you’re a bit clumsy, or simply don’t want to deal with replacing your pipe after a couple months due to an accident, silicone is the way to go.


Travel-Friendly: Going hand-in-hand with durability, NOTHING tops silicone when it comes to travelling! Whether you're taking your water pipe to a friend’s place, on a hike, or anything else that involves transporting it, a glass piece will always pose the risk of damage. With silicone, the only thing you have to be careful about is not losing it! Seriously - just throw your silicone pipe into your bag before leaving for your destination, and you’re golden.


Affordable: If you’re seeking out a cheap bong, silicone will be your best bet. Cheap glass bongs can be a great option, but they tend to lack the extra durability premium quality bongs have. Yet with a cheap silicone bong, its durability isn’t compromised! Silicone won't break on you even if it's thinner. On that note, not having to replace your piece due to breaking is a big money-saving move in itself.





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Silicone bongs are equally as simple to use as standard glass bongs! To bring it back to basics, the first step is to fill the bong with water to approximately 0.5-inches above percolation holes. Then, grind your bud down with a good grinder, then load up the bowl piece. After that, you’re ready to light up! With a lighter or hemp wick, ignite the herb as you inhale from the mouthpiece. Stop lighting and remove the bowl from the joint, then inhale the last of the smoke. Smoking from a silicone bong is super simple, and doesn’t have to be intimidating!





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Cleaning a silicone bong isn’t all that different from cleaning a glass pipe, aside from the fact that it won’t shatter if it falls out of your grip! However, the cleaning products are more or less the same. The easiest, most efficient method is to use a formulated pipe cleaner. While shopping for a cleaner, look for ones that state that it is formulated to be used with silicone. If it doesn't include silicone, using it runs the risk of degrading the material, possibly decreasing the longevity of your piece. If you prefer to go the DIY route, consider the classic isopropyl alcohol and salt method! This simple mixture has been used by stoners for years and years, and can absolutely be used for silicone. For best results, use (90-99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a coarse-grind salt. The coarser/larger the grain, the more effective it will be to erode resin and buildup within your pipe.


Aside from the cleaning solution itself, you need something to plug the mouthpiece and joint. Silicone cleaning plugs are made especially for this, and are highly recommended! However, if you want to use what you’ve got laying around the house, grab some plastic wrap and rubber bands/hair ties. Double-layer a sheet of plastic wrap and place it over the hole, then attach it firmly with a rubber band. This creates an airtight seal, allowing you to shake up your water pipe with peace of mind and no leaks! After you’re done shaking, remove the coverings, and rinse as many times as needed. Voila - your silicone bong is now squeaky-clean!





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Your choice of bong is a personal thing, but there are some key features to consider when choosing it! In our past blog, The Best Bongs & Water Pipes Buyer’s Guide, we go into detail about several important factors to consider when purchasing a water pipe. Most of these criteria apply to choosing a silicone piece as well! In short, the main criteria to decide on is price range, size, percolator type, and design. These factors are key in choosing a silicone bong you'll love! Once you narrow down what features you like and don’t like, the decision will come easy.





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It’s not only bongs and dab rigs that can be made from silicone! Other accessories such as silicone spoon pipes, jars, bowl pieces, and nectar collectors all have the same benefits bongs do. Silicone is extremely versatile, and the durability and affordability can't be beat. Scope out our wide range of silicone bongs and silicone smoking accessories!





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Silicone is chock-full of fantastic features that deem it a reliable alternative to glass bongs and pipes! Do you need some extra insurance for those accidental drops? Or, are you seeking your next favorite travel piece for your adventures? Look to silicone bongs and accessories for an item that will last you for ages. You won't be disappointed!






by Vanessa Matthews

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