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Smoking Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

By Vanessa Matthews 


Everyone appreciates a good shortcut from time to time, and this definitely doesn’t exclude when we're smoking. From smoke-friendly lighter sleeves to discrete storage, we have just about anything you’ll need to make your life a little easier! 




This Twisty Glass Blunt is quite the invention. It has the convenience of a joint or blunt, but without the added flavor from the wrap, so you can enjoy just straight green. It really is the best of both worlds! Not to mention, your hands don’t get that smelly when using this, like you do with traditional blunts. To top it all off, there’s a cap for easy transport! All in all, this is an awesome and affordable gadget if you love the function and compactness of blunts, but with added benefits - including looking really dang cool.

The Smokebuddy is a classic. Blow into it after inhaling smoke, and it works its magic to trap all the smell inside, letting odorless air out. Some of us aren’t so lucky to have 420-friendly landlords or roommates who don’t mind the smell of smoke, so The Smokebuddy’s got your back in any situation. Choose from the Jr., the Original, or the MEGA depending on what suits your needs!


While we’re on the topic of discrete hacks, why not some sneaky storage? Our Soda Stash Cans look eerily identical to the real thing, so you’ll have no issue with this sitting just about anywhere. Not only that, but it’s weighted to feel like a full can of soda! This thing is pretty much perfect for stashing just about anything you need out of sight.

I think we all know the struggle of having a filthy lighter from packing your bowl down. I mean, your lighter really is the most convenient tool for that, right? That’s where the Toker Poker comes in! The end of this handy lighter sleeve has a tamper for that exact purpose, that won’t build up and get grimey. Not only that, the fold-in poker can be whipped out whenever you need to clear your draft hole, and its curved shape fits in the hand better than a plain lighter. If nothing else, the Toker Poker is an absolute must for every smoker. Once you try it, you’ll never go back!


Ash Catchers are one of the many wonders of the stoner world. Tired of cleaning out your bong constantly? These bad boys attach to your bong or water pipe to catch the dirty debris that would otherwise end up in your bong! What makes it even more awesome is this ash catcher by Diamond Glass contains a disc percolator which will filter your smoke even more. Overall, these powerhouses deliver an even cleaner and tastier hit from your flower, even if you thought it was already great! You don’t want to pass up on this.


This is for those of us who have dabbled in DIY cleaning solutions like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, saltwater… You name it! These hacks can work in a pinch, but definitely aren’t the easiest or most effective solution for your glass-cleaning needs. The Formula 420 Cleaner is not only affordable, but insanely effective on several standard materials. Get this: It takes only about a minute. That’s right, Formula 420’s AbrasivAction™ technology eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. All you have to do is shake and rinse. Ditch the saltwater, and get the real stuff!



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So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your smoke game and pick up some of these toker necessities... you won't regret it!

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