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Smoking Travel Kit – Pipe, Grinder, Papers & Lighter

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SKU: SP KIT-copy
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Smoking Travel Kits Include:
• 9" Foam-Lined Zippered Carrying Case
• 4.5" Thick Glass Spoon Pipe or 5" Glycerin Spoon Pipe
• Metal Mini Grinder or Hemp Mini Grinder
• 1-1/4 Size RAW Rolling Papers
• BIC Lighter
Lighter color is random. Grinder design slightly varies.
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Take everything you need to smoke on-the-go in one convenient place. This 5-piece kit includes a large carrying case that is hard-shelled, foam-lined and zippered for ultimate protection of your belongings.

This smoking travel kit features a carrying case, glass spoon pipe, mini grinder, 1-1/4 size rolling papers, and a classic BIC lighter. Each spoon pipe is crafted for great durability. The purple swirl and red swirl pipes are made with thick glass and measure around 4.5"-long, while the green Jumbo Glycerin Pipe is made with sturdy glass infused with sparkling glycerin. The glycerin allows you to pop the pipe in the fridge or freezer for cool, smoothed-out hits.

Each kit features a mini grinder, each functional and unique. The Red and Purple sets feature 4-piece metal grinders, while the Green set includes a lightweight, 2-piece hemp-blend grinder from Endo. Pack a bowl or roll up with RAW rolling papers, and light it up with the BIC lighter. These sets cover all the bases!

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