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The Solstice 8" Recycler Dab Rig

Brands: Non-Branded
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• Single Chamber
• Cylinder Perc, Tire Recycler
• 14mm Male Dab Nail
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 4mm
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This chic dab rig has the best of both words going for it. Stylish design and the quality construction of name-brand glass, without breaking the bank! The stacked cylinder design of this piece along with an angled mouthpiece and curled glass accents certainly catch the eye. The Solstice stands at 8.5" with a compact chamber; an ideal size for dabbing! The chamber holds a matching tire perc, which has several holes throughout the bottom to facilitate in cooling and filtering dabs for ultimate smoothness. The pre-cooled vapor gets an extra whip of cooling as it passes through the tire recycler above, delivering smooth, potent dabs that will keep you coming back for more.

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