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Stash Boxes

These unique stoner box sets contain a sweet mix of some of our favorite products with various themes at affordable prices. These kits contain essentials anywhere from water pipes, hand pipes, lighters, grinders, ash trays, and more. When we say we've got the best deals on the web, we mean it!

This is a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.


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The Whirlpool – Glass Tornado Perc Dab Rig Kit

Dab Rig Kit Includes:
Wondrous Whirlpool Dab Rig
Bubble Glass Carb Cap
Stainless Steel Wax Dabber
• 4mm Male Dab Nail
Dab Rig Specs:
• Single Chamber
• Tornado Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• Height: 8.5”

Smoking Travel Kit – Pipe, Grinder, Papers & Lighter

Smoking Travel Kits Include:
• 9" Foam-Lined Zippered Carrying Case
• 4.5" Thick Glass Spoon Pipe or 5" Glycerin Spoon Pipe
• Metal Mini Grinder or Hemp Mini Grinder
• 1-1/4 Size RAW Rolling Papers
• BIC Lighter
Lighter color is random. Grinder design slightly varies.

The Devil's Inline Dab Rig Kit

This Stash Box Includes:
Gili Glass – The Jester Inline Dab Rig
Sili-Tip Steel Dabber
75 ml Butane Refill
• Terp Slurper Dab Nail with Terp Marble & Screw
• Devil Bubble Carb Cap
• Silicone Wax Jar
• Vortex Handheld Techno Torch


Jester Dab Rig Specs:
• Single Chamber
• Inline Perc Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• Height: 9.25”

$120.00 $130.00

Smoking Outlet – Mystery Box

Your box may include:
• Bong
• Bubbler
• Hand Pipe
• Rolling Machine
• Ash Tray
• Stash Jar
• Lighter
• Rolling Papers
• Other Accessories
• This box contains items for dry herb use.

The Lover's Stash Box

• Over $100 Retail Value
• Mood-Inspiring Set
• Glass Hammer Bubbler (Pink or Lavender)
• Chromium Crusher Grinder
• Smoking Accessories
• Aromatic Scents
• Condoms & Enlargement Capsule
• 😏 💕