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Stonesmiths' Slash Vape Pen Kit

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• Wax Vaporizer Pen
• 1000mAh Battery
• Coilless Ceramic Bowl/Chamber
• 6-Compartment Silicone Concentrate Container
• Heat Protector Band
• Type-C USB Charger
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Stonesmiths' Slash Vape Pen truly has everything you'd want in a high-quality, practical vaporizer that definitely doesn't skimp on style. The cylindrical body and minimal buttons/additions create a fluid and minimalist design, with nothing to complicate the straightforward aesthetic and function of the device. The feeling in the hand is weighted and substantial, indicating its quality construction. A unique feature of this pen is the coilless bowl: That's right! The Slash skips the coil, and utilizes a ceramic bowl to contain and heat concentrates. Heat is evenly distributed inside the ceramic chamber, so you always know you're getting the most out of your dabs. The Slash, quite literally, "slashes" any wasted product by evenly distributing heat and air throughout the chamber. Cleaning the bowl is a simple 1-step process, as well. The slanted mouthpiece not only has a strong magnetic closure and user-friendly shape, it also features unique airflow that prevents leaks and clogging, and optimizes flavor by forcing airflow to the bottom of the bowl. In addition, loading up concentrates is fast and easy, thanks to the built-in loading tool positioned on the bottom of the mouthpiece cap. It really couldn't be any simpler.


With a powerful 1000mAh battery to run the device, there are 3 temperature settings, clearly displayed by the 3-notch indicator light (which also indicates battery life). This vaporizer is for true flavor-lovers out there, rather than the big cloud-chasers! Each temperature setting provides varying levels of flavor potency, while always delivering a gentle and smooth puff. A convenient 12-second auto-mode allows for continuous heating without continuous pressing. This kit includes a 6-compartment silicone concentrate container, heat protector band, and type-C USB charger. Stonesmiths' delivers premium quality and a fantastic vaping experience with the Slash.


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Length 5"
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