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Subzero Recycler – 8.5" Showerhead Coil Bong

Brands: Non-Branded
SKU: Y200112
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• Double Chamber
• Showerhead Perc, Recyclers
• 14mm Female Joint
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 4mm
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Get all you need and more from your bong with the Subzero Recycler. Crafted from sturdy two-color  borosilicate glass, this premium piece features a stylish recycler system that immediately catches the eye. This isn't only for aesthetics - the coil, recycler arms, and showerhead percolator are a winning combination when it comes to smooth, cooled dabs. When you take a hit, smoke is initially filtered through the showerhead, before the two curved arms and coil tubes pull smoke up to the mouthpiece. This process ensures the heat is removed, as well as preventing stale hits. The size and shape of this piece makes Subzero the perfect bong for solo or group seshes, and it is guaranteed to impress in terms of quality, style, and functionality.

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