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The Classic Power Hitter - 2021 Edition

By Vanessa Matthews

Power Hitter 2021 Edition

"Don’t lip it, just rip it!”

First launched way back in the 1970’s, the Power Hitter has been providing smokers with a creative way to get the maximum potential from their smoke. The current version has been adapted from the original with modern materials, taking that classic design and optimizing it for the modern cannabis-user. This innovative device provides a contact-free smoking method, which is especially awesome during these crazy times. Basically, it’s a bottle with a carb hole where you insert a lit joint inside, screw it shut, and squeeze the flexible bottle to release the smoke, no contact necessary!

the classic power hitter tutorial


Amazingly, the PowerHitter captures 100% of the smoke released from your joint or blunt, so there’s NO waste here. What’s even more awesome is that because the joint and smoke is completely contained, you don't have to worry about burning your fingers, using a roach clip, or the annoyance of smoldering ash falling on your carpet. While the Power Hitter has great practical benefits, at the end of the day, it makes smoking a hell of a lot of fun! This unique gadget is perfect for friend groups, or solo smokers who love exploring unique methods of smoking. Whether you use the Power Hitter at a get-together or your next camping trip, the experience will not disappoint!

Hit the link to purchase your new Power Hitter! Want a better look at how the Power Hitter works? Check out this Youtube video. 

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