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The Devil's Inline Dab Rig Kit

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This Stash Box Includes:
Gili Glass – The Jester Inline Dab Rig
Sili-Tip Steel Dabber
75 ml Butane Refill
• Terp Slurper Dab Nail with Terp Marble & Screw
• Devil Bubble Carb Cap
• Silicone Wax Jar
• Vortex Handheld Techno Torch


Jester Dab Rig Specs:
• Single Chamber
• Inline Perc Perc
• 14mm Female Joint
• Height: 9.25”

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This stunning dab rig set will have you in for a devilish good time.

Taking the stage is the premium-quality Gili Glass dab rig: Crafted from durable 4mm glass and standing at 9.25"-tall, this piece is equipped with a powerful inline percolator that produces smooth and potent dabs that won’t scorch your throat. A colorful stripe pattern adorning the perc, mouthpiece and devil horn is artsy, with a little edge. Elevating this rig even more is a terp slurper banger set with a terp marble and terp screw. Both of these help to retain heat within the nail, while simultaneously spreading the wax, helping you achieve the perfect temperature and optimal vaporization. This set is both functional and aesthetically pleasing! In addition to the dab nail, a bowl piece with matching-pattern hook is also included.

Every good dab setup need a few tools to get the job done. Store your concentrate in the 1.5" silicone container, and scoop 'em up with the durable stainless-steel dabber with removable silicone caps. The sturdy bubble carb cap allows you to easily control the airflow of your dabs, and has a deviously-adorable devil design that stands up on legs! Use this an an alternate option to the large terp ball to acheive your ideal dab. Also included is an awesome vortex torch with a can of butane to refill.

Over $160 Retail-value set!

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