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The Puffco Peak – Smart E-Rig

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SKU: 851788007121-P
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• Single Chamber
• Battery-Powered Smart Design
• Haptic Feedback & Fast Charging
• Height: 7”
• Glass Thickness: 2mm
• Puffco Peak Device
• Extra Ceramic Bowl
• Glass Carb Cap
• Metal Loading Tool
• USB SuperCharger
• 4 Double-Sided Cotton Swabs
• Hard Carrying Case
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Experience concentrate like you never have before with The Peak: the first-ever smart rig by Puffco. Forget the torch, and forget the fuss. This rig is truly the future of dabbing! The Peak runs on a powerful battery instead of the ignition of a torch, with a fast charging time of only 2 hours for full battery, lasting about 30 dabs per charge. The design of the body is clean and sophisticated, and features a rugged silicone base that keeps the Peak strong and sturdy on any surface.

The 4 unique user settings allow you to have exactly the dabbing experience you want. Whether you want smaller or bigger hits, the Peak has your back. The intelligent temparature callibration system adjusts heat times if your bowl is still hot, delivering a more consistent experience every time! Not to mention, its advanced filtration system results in the smoothest, best tasting hits you could imagine. This all-in-one kit includes a hard porotective case, glass carb cap, extra bowl, cotton swabs, metal loading tool, and micro-USB SuperCharger.