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Gili Glass – Raindrop 3.5" Recycler Micro Dab Rig

Brands: Gili Glass
SKU: 682862231734
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• Single Chamber
• Diffused Stem Perc, Recycler
• 10mm Female Joint
• 10mm Male Dab Nail
• Borosilicate Glass
• Thickness: 3mm
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When it comes to dabbing, small and compact is the way to go. Add a percolator and recycler to the mix, and magic happens.

The tiny amber is connected to a teardrop-shaped recycler, which leads up to the mouthpiece. When you first take a dab, vapor is filtered through the diffused stem percolator. As you inhale, vapor is pulled up into the raindrop recycler from the top whole, while water is taken up through the bottom hole. Vapor and water mingle inside the mini recycler chamber, then out the mouthpiece. The Raindrop has the perfect recipe for flavorful dabs in a tiny package.

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