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The Rhapsody Straight Tube Encore Collection Bong

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• Double Chamber
• Diffused Downstem, UFO Perc, Ice Pinch
• 18mm Female Joint
• 18mm/14mm Diffused Downstem
• 14mm Male Bowl Piece
• Borosilicate Glass
• Height: 15.5”
• Thickness: 5mm
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Black Sheep's Encore line is aptly named, indeed: Once you try this premium bong, you'll keep coming back for more! Durable 5mm borosilicate glass forms this gorgeous double-chambered straight tube containing two percolators. A diffused downstem kicks off the filtration process with a bubbling bang, and is finished off beautifully by the UFO perc in the top chamber. If you prefer your hits extra cold, lots of ice can be packed into the neck on the ice pinch. All of this sitting on a wide, supportive base prevents any accidental tips, so you can be confident The Rhapsody will have a long life (and many bowls!) ahead of it.

Product Specifications
Weight33.6 oz
Glass Thickness5mm
Base Diameter5"
Mouthpiece Inside Diameter1.6"
Mouthpiece Outside Diameter2.3"
Female Joint Diameter and Depth18mm, 0.8"
Downstem Joint Diameter, Depth, and Length18mm/14mm, 0.8", 5.5"
Male Bowl Piece Joint Diameter and Depth14mm, 0.8"
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