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The Ultimate Guide to Recyclers

By Vanessa Matthews



Recyclers are named after the process of which water is recycled through the main and secondary chamber as the bong or dab rig is smoked. While you inhale, an infinite water-smoke loop is created as the smoke feeds into the seconardy chamber, while water cycles and drains and back down into the main chamber through the intake tube. 



When we're talking about the advantages of recyclers, you first have to understand why the heck water filtration matters anyways! On the surface, smoking with water inherently makes your hits cooler in temperature, making it much more pleasant to inhale. However, there are actually potential lung health benefits it can provide, as well. Water filtration works to pull out particulates like ash and tar from the smoke so they don't end up in your lungs. That doesn't make for the best smoking experience, so it's no wonder why water pipes are so wildly popular in the cannabis world! The benefits of filtering your smoke with water is backed up by science, too: The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study that demonstrated that smoking with water decreases both the amount of toxins and particulates inhaled. 



The benefit recyclers provide is smoke that is smoother and cooler on the throat, and that's for two reasons: 1. Your smoke has a longer, more constant contact with water, which actively removes impurities as it passes through, and 2. The smoke’s travel time is increased, and that alone results in a cooler and gentler hit.


Recyclers ensure that smoke has no time or space to sit and get stale before inhalation. Basically, if you appreciate hits that don’t kill your lungs, a recycler water pipe is for you. 



Recycler bongs feature at least 2 chambers/compartments. The main chamber is on the bottom, where water is contained. This is where smoke is pulled from the bowl, through the joint, and up through the water chamber to be filtered. This is standard for most bongs and dab rigs. With a recycler in the mix, the smoke passes through at least one tube after filtration that connects to the top chamber, which is where the smoke or vapor is whipped up and fed down into the intake tube, which subsequently filters your smoke again.







The external recycler most common, basic recycler you’ll find on the market. The design consists of a main and secondary chamber, connected by two or more intake tubes to recycle smoke and water between each chamber.





“Incycler” is the marriage of the words “internal” and “recycler.”  Rather than utilizing an outward tube connecting to a separate chamber, it’s inside the main chamber, practically creating a chamber within a chamber. Some, however, have an outward tube which connects the main chamber to the incycler, such as the Another Dimension Recycler Bong. Typically, an initial percolator sits at the bottom of the main chamber, kicking off the filtration process. The smoke rises after filtration, and is drawn into the holes on the incycler to, while water cycles up through the internal or external tube into the incycler. The smoke and water becomes a vortex, drastically upping the cooling and purification before it travels up through the mouthpiece, as water is constantly draining and replenishing the main chamber, creating the “infinite loop.”  





Out of every type, the klein recycler has to be the most complex. Interestingly, this special recycler variety is a somewhat of a combination of internal and external recyclers. Rather, than a single tube, they feature two: One for intake, one for drainage. Two separate tubes are necessary to keep the filtration and drainage process separate, increasing the effectiveness of the recycler’s function. Klein recycles are undoubtedly the coolest looking of the bunch, while also providing the smoothest, coolest smoke you could imagine. So if that’s up your alley, Klein recycler pieces such as the Garden of Eden or Dead or Alive by Tattoo Glass will be your savior if you’re on the hunt for a piece that will never disappoint with smoke quality.





Donut recyclers are a fun one. Rather than a chamber and a connecting tube, the water and smoke get pulled into the circular donut chamber, spinning the smoke with water, and recycling it back down. Similar to the incycler that creates a vortex in an internal chamber, donut recyclers create a whirlpool of smoke and water that not only looks awesome, but produces fantastic hits.



It's safe to say that recyclers are one of the best, most innovative features a bong could have, not only in terms of amazing smoke quality, but in innovative design. If you've never tried a silky-smooth and cooled rip from a recycler bong or dab rig, take a look at our wide selection of high-quality recycler water pipes to see what all the hype is about. Happy smoking!

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