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Yocan Dive Mini Vape Pen

Brands: Yocan Vape
SKU: 6971154223505
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• Dual-Function Vaporizer Pen/Nectar Collector
• Yocan 400mAh Battery
• XTAL Coil Technology
• Temperature Pre-Sets
• Glass Water Filtration Attachment
• Height (Including Glass Attachment): 8.75"
• Weight (Including Glass Attachment): 3 oz
• XTAL Tip
• Glass Perc Attachment
• Dab Tool
• USB Charger
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Yocan's Dive Mini Vape Pen not only has a unique style, but it's special in its variety of functions, too. Not only is it a concentrate vape pen, it's also an electronic nectar collector. You're able to load up your concentrate into the XTAL quartz coil, or if the nectar collector is more your style, pop on the XTAL tip to collect and vape your concentrate straight from the container... With no torch, of course! The XTAL coil and tip both produce potent, unadulterated terpene flavor from concentrates. And the customization doesn't stop there. The handy glass attachment magnetically pops right on, which can be used on either dab pen or nectar collector modes. While you can leave the attachment empty simply for extra travelling and cooling time, for best results, add water. Impressively, a 4-slit percolator is held inside the attachment, providing an extra touch of coolness, ensuring smooth and easy hits on the lungs. Whatever your mood is, you can customize the Dive Mini to your preferences!

The Dive Mini Vape Pen runs on a 400mAh battery, and features temperature pre-sets which allow you to choose from low, medium, or high temperatures, resulting in a spectrum of flavor and potency levels. This kit includes a dab tool, XTAL tip, and USB charger. With the myriad of modes and uses available, the Dive Mini is perfect for both at home and on the go!

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