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Yocan LIT – Pocket-Sized Mini Vape

Brands: Yocan Vape
SKU: 6971154224281
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• Wax & Cartridge Vaporizer Pen
• Yocan 400mAh Battery
• Voltage: 1.8V-4.2V
• Compatible w/ 510-Thread Cartridges
• Extra QDC Coil
• 510-Thread Adapter
• Dab Tool
• USB Charger
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LIT by Yocan is the multifunctional pocket-sized vaporizer you've been waiting for. Under 4"-tall in height with a slender build, it's the approximate size of a standard lighter. That doesn't mean it's flimsy, though: With a densely-constructed body, this portable vape has a high-quality weighted feel that you can trust for durability. With the capability of vaporizing pure wax and 510-thread cartridges, you’ll come to love the versatility and portability of this compact device.

To heat concentrates, Quarts Dual Technology is utilized to produce clouds that are pure and potent, featuring a fast 10-second preheat. The voltage-adjusting wheel at the bottom allows you to choose a voltage between 1.8V-4.2V to reach your desired heat. Low heat generally results in more flavorful puffs, while higher temperatures will deliver big, dense clouds. To use 510-thread cartidges with the device, simply swap out the mouthpiece for the adapter, and screw on the cartridge. For easy detection of battery life, indictor lights clearly display low or full battery. This kit includes the Yocan LIT device, extra QDC coil, 510-thread adapter, dab tool, and USB charger.

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