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Yocan Regen – Concentrate Vaporizer

Brands: Yocan Vape
SKU: 6971154223239
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• Wax Vaporizer Pen w/ Built-In Storage Jar
• Yocan 1100mAh Battery
• Quartz Dual Rod Coil
• Quartz Tri Rod Coil
• USB Charger
• Hanging Ring
• Dab Tool
• Built-In Silicone 2ml Storage Compartment
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Yocan is continuously growing their extensive line of high-quality vaporizers, and now they're here with their best one yet: The Regen! While Yocan's vaporizers have an amazing variety for every type of consumer, the Regen is at the peak of power and customization. Its long-lasting 1100mAh battery only begins to demonstrate the powerful nature of this device. It also includes two coils: Yocan's Quartz Dual and Tri Rod Coils. The variety in coils allows for extra personalization of your vaping experience that most pens don't offer. These coil types deliver hits that are potent and flavorful, and the variable temperature settings allow you to pull your perfect hit.

When you hold the Regen, you can immediately sense the sturdiness of the build quality, and its overall durability. When you bring your vape wherever you go, a heavy-duty device is crucial! It has a minimalist look with just a single button, available in five colors, and has both "Yocan" and "Regen" logos written down the side. There's even a convenient built-in 2ml storage container hidden in the base, as well as a hanging ring that can be easily screwed into the device. This kit includes everything you'll need: Both coil types, a USB charger, a hanging ring, and a dab tool.

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