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Yocan Torch – 2020 Dab Rig E-Nail

Brands: Yocan Vape
SKU: 6971154224670
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• Dab E-Nail
• Battery: 1100mAh
• Temperature Range: 482°F-536°F
• Joint Size: 14mm, 18mm, & 21mm
• Gender: Male & Female
• Quartz Dual Coil
• Quartz Tri Coil
• Metal Tube
• Glass Tube
• Dab Tool
• Micro USB Charger
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Yocan's Torch E-Nail eliminates the need for an actual torch! Skip the scorching hot flame, and add a little bit of tech to your dab rig.

The e-nail is composed of a battery (the longer side) which has a power button and USB port, including an indicator light displaying that the device is powered on. Like many vape pens, fast-clicking the button 5 times turns the e-nail on and off. The shorter side is the coil atomizer: This is where concentrate is loaded up, heated, and vaporized. The kit includes both a metal and clear glass tube to cover the atomizer while vaping. The metal tube sports a handy press-down mechanism which allows you to easily control airflow while dabbing, similar to a carb cap. The bottom component is the widely-compatible 3-tiered water pipe attachment. The Yocan Torch 2020 is compatible with almost all bongs or dab rigs: 14mm, 18mm, and 21mm-jointed water pipes can all be used with it, and can be switched from male and female.

Rather than a torch, this e-nail heats up using a quartz dual coil atomizer, which effectively heats and vaporizes concentrate. A quartz tri coil is also included, which heats wax even more quickly. The dual coil is ideal for moderate clouds with big flavor, while the tri coil is best for big rips. To load up concentrates for use, simply remove the tube from the atomizer, unscrew the coil cap, and load inside the dual or tri quartz coil. After replacing the cap and tube, press the power button and wait for vapor to form before inhaling. Simple as that! This kit includes an e-nail, two tubes, dual coil, tri coil, dab tool, and USB charger. If you love to dab but hate dealing with torches, the Yocan Torch 2020 E-Nail is for you.

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