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Sly Smoker – Discrete Stash Box

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This Stash Box Includes:
7-Up Soda Stash Can
Smokebuddy Jr. Air FIlter (Black or White)
Dill’s Pipe Cleaners
Zig-Zag Unbleached Cones
EZ-Splitz Blunt Wrap Splitter
Lighter Leash Clip (Blue or Red)
Berry Pie Room Spray
• 4" Fumed Glass Spoon Pipe
• Metal One-Hitter Pipe
• 2" Metal Grinder
• BIC Lighter
• Scent Bomb Air Freshener Spray (Scent Varies)
• Little Trees Air Freshener
• Incense Stick 9-Pack
• Clear Eyes Eye Drops
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Whether you live in a smoke-free household, you want quick tokes to-go, or just want to keep your smoking on the down-low, we’ve got what you need to keep it stealthy.

The Sly Smoker Stash Box features items that make it easy as ever to make sure your smoking stays secretive! The whopping 15 items in this kit include portable smoking tools such as a durable glass spoon pipe, portable bullet one-hitter, sturdy metal grinder, a BIC lighter, and a handy lighter leash. You also will receive a soda stash can that looks just like the real thing, a blunt splitter, Dill's pipe cleaners, and Zig-Zag unbleached cones for quick and effortless joints. In addition to all of those awesome concealable smoking tools, the Smokebuddy Jr. allows you to take hits without exhaling odors!

A stealthy stash needs more than just smoking gear. To keep it truly hidden, odor-masking is a must! The can of Odor Eliminator spray masks the smell of cannabis with a sweet berry scent, as well as a mini Scent Bomb spray, a 9-pack of incense, and a Little Trees air freshener. Lastly, we just had to throw in eye drops, because red eyes are a dead giveaway. With all these items in your stash, you’ll be keeping it sly with ease.


Over $70 Retail-Value Set!